Creating More Men's Accessories and Jewelry: Tie Bars, Tie Tacks, Bracelets

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Handmade tie tack tie bar men's jewelry. Using a dremel to buff the patina on the wire work.

Here's a glimpse of the jewelry making process I use for making my new line of one-of-a-kind men's accessories. (And a lot of my women's jewelry as well.)

Pictured above is a silver and bronze tie pin that has been heavily oxidized. I use a Dremel with all sorts of nifty attachments to expose the metal under the patina and give a good shine.

Handmade tie tack tie bar men's jewelry. Wire wrapped wire weaving in copper jewelry wire work.To the right you can see the intricate wire weaving for a tie clip. This is the first step of many and will be the top layer if the clip.

Below you can see the very last stage of my jewelry creation. After a good polish and cleaning, each tie bar, (or pendant, bracelet, earrings, necklace, etc.) is coated by hand with a brush-on, professional grade jewelry sealer. This will protect the skin from discoloration and maintain the intended patina. The three tie bars shown are literally on the drying rack and will take about 72 hours to cure completely.

Handmade tie tack tie bar men's jewelry. Tie clips drying after protective coating has been applied.

Handmade men's jewelry. Beaded gemstone bracelets for men and women. Agate, jasper, onyx

The newest items I'm adding for they well-dressed man are these trendy gemstone bracelets. They are strung on extra heavy weight jewelry stretch cord and reinforced with jeweler's glue. The bracelets shown to the right are strung and labeled and waiting to be finished. I've decided to make my bracelets 7.5" - 8.5", which are the most common men's sizes. However, you can order any size (even a necklace) and I'll make it custom at no additional charge. If you want to see what's currently listed for men, go to:

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