A bit about Rhonda Chase Design

Handmade Jewelry, Tutorials, Jewelry Lessons

I started Rhonda Chase Design as Rhonda Chase Design and Illustration in the late 1980’s. Over time, it evolved from a freelance business to a small graphic design and marketing firm, serving well-known companies like Wells Fargo and Home Depot. Most of my work was created on a computer and included lots of corporate collateral, web design, etc.

Then, in 2009 I decided to renew my fine art roots by getting my hands back into the art I love. I focused on jewelry design and ceramics and quickly gained recognition in the respective fields: winning awards and showing work in galleries. Currently, I also do guest blogging, give classes and write online tutorials on jewelry making. 

I live and work in beautiful Pleasanton, California.

Awards Include:

    • Wire-Sculpture.com – Grand Prize Winner, Inspired Druzy Contest, Crystal Cave
    • Bead Society of Northern California – Most Original Wearable Beaded Object, Empress Willow
    • Bead Society of Northern California – Most Original Handmade Bead, Carved Star
    • Fire Mountain Gems – Bronze Medal, Malachite Tree Bracelet
    • Wire-Sculpture.com – Third Place Winner, OOAK Gemstone Contest, Nouveau Flourite

I'm show work at the following galleries, as well as at art shows in California and Texas.

    • Studio 7 – 400 Main St., Pleasanton, CA
    • Livermore Artists Gallery – 2155 3rd St., Livermore, CA
    • Outside In – 2484 1st St., Livermore, CA
    • Artistic Edge - Livermore, CA