What Will I Do with My Shiny New Blog?

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I've written bog posts before, but never for my own website, so now the pressure is on. I guess I'll start by telling you what I plan to do with my brand new site. First, I'll use it to show off (and hopefully sell) my one-of-a-kind artwork. I'll also use it to post tutorials and information that I have floating all over the internet. It'll be nice to have everything in one place - even when it's just links.

In this first post I also want to show you how I package my jewelry for shipping. The outside is a small brown shipping box, but inside is a happy gift givable pouch or box with your purchase. It pretty much just needs a card. If you need me to write something, just let me know. I'm happy to add a gift card. The exact packaging I'll send will depend on the item. It will always be thoughtful.


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