Dragonflies to Dangles - New Designs are Happening Now

new designs

wire wrapped gemstone dragonfly in copper pendant jewelry

Flourite and Copper Wire Wrapped Dragonfly Pendant

Dragonflies are very popular at one of the galleries that shows my jewelry, so they asked if I could create some dragonfly wirework. This piece is one of five new dragonflies and several new designs. I always like to try new things for the holiday season (and the other seasons, too!) 

In addition to the dragonflies, this year I've added more ornate wire weaving - I'm still working on a couple of pieces - wire sculpted keys, some super-fun dangle earrings and more. I'm trying to get the new things up on my website, but I'm better at designing than marketing : )

The dragonflies are sculpted from antiqued copper. Each one is made slightly differently, featuring gemstones or metal beads. The one I've shown has a fluorite head and tail and is about 3" long.

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