Half a Million Views and Counting

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Rhonda chase design tutorials reach 500,000. Popular instructions, jewelry lessons.

512,169 to be precise.

I was super excited recently when I checked my tutorial stats and found out that I'd broken a half million views.  

I published my first online tutorial June 26, 2013 on instructables.com. This is a website where you can teach anything you like and learn almost anything you're interested in. It's a great online community of creative people, happy to share ideas just for the fun of it. I was an observer for several years before I actually posted anything and I loved seeing what other people were doing.

Then I dove in to posting tutorials and started entering them in contests. I've placed in 14 contests and have a nice following. Sometimes I judge the contests I'm not in. This is what I do for fun.

To date I have 56 tutorials on instructables. I've started updating some of these into PDF format and listing them on my website. I'm hoping if I have a few for sale, it'll help me continue posting what I want to share for free.

You can check out at my instructables and follow me if you want. You'll also be able to see, step-by-step, how I make some of the jewelry I sell on my website.

If you're interested in my PDFs click here

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