Starting a New Statement Jewelry Pendant Project - Druzy, Silver & Copper

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Now that the holiday jewelry rush is over, I'll have the time to do a couple of bigger, more time-consuming wire jewelry projects. With this in mind I just went through all of my larger gemstones for inspiration - and maybe the focal point of a design. After a lot of perusing, I finally chose this large, awesome green druzy, which I think will make a gorgeous focal point for a wire weave statement necklace. When I weave wire, I have basic ideas in mind, but then I design as I work. Sometimes, if I get stuck, I'll stop and put the project away for a while or set it down on a sheet of paper and figure out what's next by sketching the rest of the design. Here's an example from an earlier project, my Amazing Wire Weave Pendant. I don't know how the green druzy will turn out yet, but I have high hopes and can't wait to get back to my wire and pliers!
handmade jewelry wire weave pendant sketches show design in gold, copper, silver, gems

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