Wire Wrapping Tip - Avoiding Scratches on Your Jewelry

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  A reader following one of my tutorials asked me about scratches while wire wrapping. Since scratches are a common problem, I thought I'd share my answer: The softer the wire, the more likely it is to scratch. I generally use very soft wire, so I have to be extra careful about scratching my work. Usually scratches are combination of the pliers you're using and how hard you're squeezing the wire. I use well worn, high quality pliers. The edges of my favorite pliers are dulled with use and the surfaces are very smooth. For a good pair of pliers, expect to pay...

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Special Showing at Studio 7 on Oct. 17

Photo: Galaxy Wire Weave Pendant, 2.5" x 3.5" Come meet me on October 17 at Studio 7, 400 Main Street, in Pleasanton. I'll be there with a special selection of new work from 10am - 2pm. Most of the pieces will be shown for the first time and none will be posted yet. I'll focus on different aspects of wire work because I love using cold connections. That means creating strong, solid pieces of jewelry without heat or glue. It's a challenge, like a puzzle, to figure out how to make a project work with just gemstones and jewelry wire. The challenge forces me to think outside the...

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I'll Be Teaching in Tucson Again This Year

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I just got my teaching days figured out for the 2016 JOGS show in Tucson. I fly out every year to teach wire wrapping classes for my friends at Jewelry Tools and this year I'll be there February 4, 5 & 6.  My plan is to teach a basic wrapping class and three other projects. I'll send links when the organizers finish the artists' schedules. If you need info sooner or want to ensure a space, please contact me at: HelpMeRhonda@rhondachasedesign.com

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Visit Me at Art Under the Oaks Show

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I'll be bringing new pendants, bracelets, earrings, and plenty of other handmade jewelry to Alden Lane, July 18 & 19, for Art Under the Oaks.  http://www.aldenlane.com/articles/artunderoaks.html I'll have my elaborate signature pieces, but this year I'll also be setting up a display of jewelry with just a touch of wire wrapping, in the $15 - $40 range. Perfect for gift giving. Art Under the Oaks is one of my very favorite art shows, featuring many wonderful local artists in a beautiful garden setting. If you can make it, say "Hi", and make sure you taste the fresh fruits!    ...

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How I Love Entering Jewelry in the Fair

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One of the best things about living close to the county fairgrounds is that it's so easy to enter projects for judging. It's especially fun because it gives me a place to exhibit some of my more offbeat creations since no one is worrying about sales. In the past I've brought rag quilts, art made from recycled Starbucks cups and huge abstract, multimedia "paintings". This year I entered more traditional items including a necklace made with antique Mali wedding beads, that I've been collecting over several years, and an elaborate wire weave pendant. Well, there are also two bracelets upcycled from milk...

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