Tardis Wire Wrapped Pendant - Cosmos

$ 125.00

Why are my tardis pendants more expensive?

Because each one is an individually crafted fan art piece that takes hours and hours to make, over the course of at least a week. First each tiny tardis is hand sculpted in porcelain. No molds for me! Then the clay is fired, painted, and fired again. When the little sculpture is cool, it's ready for a setting; a one-of-a-kind sterling silver wire-wrap. My settings are intricate, often use a lot of sterling and sometimes, like this one, are accented with swirling Swarovski crystals. When I'm happy with my newest Dr. Who art, I finish it with a strong, non-toxic sealer to keep the silver gleaming for a long time.

Pendant is shown on an upgraded stainless steel chain.

Pendant measures approx. 2.5" x .75"

Your pendant will arrive on an 18" cord or chain in gift packaging. 

Free shipping within the continental United States.

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