Custom Pendant - Amber & Sterling Silver Statement Necklace

$ 235.00

This item is already sold. I'm posting the photos in this listing so you can see some of my process for creating custom jewelry.

I start with ideas from the client. I will help, if you don't know what you want. After we agree on a design, I send sketches and progress photos for important parts of the process as necessary. I also send photos before I make any permanent alterations, like applying the protective coating to the wire.

In this project, my client sent me a very large, beautiful amber nugget and I created the complimentary setting. It's very common for people to have me work with stones they already own. For other custom projects, I may supply the gemstone (or pearls, crystals, etc.). When possible, I try to make more than one piece, so you can choose your favorite. Each project is different, so I will adjust the process to your needs.

Most custom jewelry projects take 1 - 3 weeks. Sometimes I need a little more time, if I have to special order any materials. Though, we can always rush order supplies if you have a tight schedule.

Please contact me with any questions!

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