Mardi Gras Wire Wrapped Necklace

$ 225.00


The bracelet is still available.

This colorful necklace is made up of 5 wire wrapped pendants, 2 coil pendants, 14 wire coil beads, and 17 crystals wrapped in bronze jewelry wire. The matching clasp is also hand made. 

To achieve the playful design I had planned, I used a variety of jewelry wires and techniques. The materials include silver-plated colored copper wire (in 6 colors), silver-filled wire, bronze and copper. 

The pendants are created with turquoise, magnesite, freshwater pearl, crystals and amazonite. The wrapped beads are crystal and freshwater pearl. There are accents using purchased bead caps and small crystal beads that match the ones in the bracelet. All wire work/wire beads are crafted by hand.

Necklace length is approx. 19"

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