Tribal Weave Tie Bar - Handmade Wire Wrapped Jewelry for Men

$ 85.00

Here are the specs for this tie bar:

This one-of-a-kind, handmade tie clip is crafted from copper jewelry wire on a bright silver-plated base. The wire has been woven by hand (see the photo), then hammered for shape and texture, and given a heavy, dark patina. The bar features intricate wire work reminiscent of tribal weaving. It measures 6cm in length and about 1cm wide. There is a 7mm overhang past the hinge. Please note that the overhang will be seen against your shirt. This will be somewhat rustic and unconventional, in a fairly subtle way.

My handmade tie bars are the ultimate final touch to a great suit.

I make my tie bars with all the care and attention to detail I use in my other jewelry designs. Each tie clip is made individually from solid copper, bronze, stainless steel and/or silver jewelry wire and has a high quality, silver-plated base. Some of the base clips have been distressed which I do by hand. My bars incorporate a variety of wire jewelry techniques such as wire weaving, cold forging and wire wrapping. I also may use gemstones, beads or resin, depending on the piece. Some tie bars are oxidized to give them a dark, industrial patina, which is then hand buffed and polished until I get the effect I want. All pieces are sealed with a professional protective coating.

Please let me know if this is a gift.

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